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The Red Seal Hunt in Rue d'Antibes starts today! There are about 26 or so shops participating, including Second Spaces! Just look for the white envelope with the red seal and grab an awesome goodie, and the LM to the next shop! At Second Spaces, here's what you'll get:

You can start at Second Spaces and work your way around - happy hunting!

Second Spaces @ Rue d'Antibes [SLurl]


Spruce Up Your Space for September kicks off this weekend! This month’s theme is ‘Sweet Dreams’ – beds, bunk beds, hammocks, day beds, all sorts of super comfy spaces for sweet dreaming!

We’ve got our first group of designers releasing their SUYS goodies this weekend, at 9am SLT on September 18; check back right here on Saturday morning for a list of participating shops and SLurls!

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