GM Nikolaidis of HomeKraft sent me his latest release - the La Jolla Beach House. This is a very unique build - lots of room, lots of light, and very open and airy.

The first level is made up of several large spaces, plenty of room for all sorts of functions: living, dining, office, even a bedroom if you don't require much privacy.

I enjoy all the angles created with how the house kind of turns at one end - and in that end is a cute little bar area setup, with plenty of adjacent room to set up your dining area...OR a sweet game room, with a pool table and whatnot!

On the upper level is a large open patio area - there is also a covered area that would be a really cute lounge area. I really like the glass textures that GM used throughout - and it's a nice detail that the upper windows can be opened.

Speaking of details, there are some nice little touches downstairs, just right for setting up some nice decor displays...I love built-in stuff like this!

Here's my same-old personal preference: I would love a bit more shading on the floors, to make them feel a bit more grounded and give a bit more depth, and a bit more on the ceilings to give better definition. Otherwise, though, I think the textures are well done.

The La Jolla is a great option if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary. It also comes with a matching boat dock, if you're so inclined. I also can totally see this being used as a shop space - the open layout is perfect!

Check it out at HomeKraft! [SLurl]

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