It's a big week at Second Spaces for the awesome design team over at NOTsoBAD. I just blogged a few of their furniture sets a few days ago...and then they were kind enough to send me their most recent prefab release, and oh. em. gee. I had seen the Eams Modern House here and there around the blogosphere, but to see it up close and in person - SO much better. Which means that, after you read this post, you MUST get over to NsB and check it out. K? K.

Look at that! Now, while I am mostly a shabby chic, vintage kind of gal, I simply cannot resist well-done modern! And this, my friends, is superbly well-done. This is a really pic-heavy post, and the pics speak for themselves, so I'm not gonna say much(-ish)...but I do want to be sure to tell you that I do not have shadows enabled for these, so all that delicious shadow and light you see is built right in to the textures. ♥

Are you breathless? Because I totally am.

The Eams is available unfurnished, as seen above, OR you can get a furnished version, which is pretty damn awesome! The next few pics show just some of the furniture/accessories that come with the furnished version - there's a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't include.

I am in love. Great job by the NsB team, and seriously, you need to go see this one. AND, possibly the most awesome part of it all -- this is the rezzer box that you get when you set up the house:


NOTsoBAD [SLurl]

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