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Once again, I'm behind on blogging, so this weekend will (hopefully) be catch up time! Let's get started with the latest release from Aya Liotta of -abode -: the Rico. I like the looks of this house - it's a little urban, a little brownstone, and a little storefront all mixed in.

I enjoy the little patio on the back, and I like having the tree and little hedges included...the textures on the hedges are a little strange, making them look more like seat cushions than hedges. Of course, it's entirely possible that they ARE cushions...I've totally misinterpreted builds before. It's a cozy little patio area nonetheless.

Back around front, the double doors open into a nice foyer area and L-shaped stairs (one of my favorite styles). I really like the use of brick throughout the house - Aya did a very nice job with her textures in this build. The first floor has a bonus room on the back, and the front living area has some nice architectural details - the picture ledge on one wall is awesome (I added a pic to show it off), and the alcove at one end gives nice depth to the room.

Here's the bonus room off the back - great for an office, bedroom, kitchen - anything goes, really.

Upstairs are two large (but not too large) bedrooms. I really like that these aren't basic square bedrooms - there's some character to both - and the wall textures are warm and rich. There's a nice little landing at the top of the stairs, too - I love spaces like that for random bookshelves, sideboards, etc.

In past reviews, I've commented on the vertical scale in Aya's houses, that it seemed a bit on the taller/larger side. The Rico is much more realistically scaled for an average-height avatar. Definitely worth a look, the Rico is available now at -abode- !

-abode- [SLurl]

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