About 2-3 weeks ago, LeeZu Baxter released two amazing prefabs. Most will know LeeZu from her line of gorgeous clothing and accessories; she also released a line of furniture last year. These houses - the Modern Orient Beach House and the Tokyo House - are her first prefabs, and just like her clothing, they're glamorous and exotic and gorgeous!

Let's start with the Modern Orient Beach House. This is so lovely and glam in its simplicity. It comes with a few different length options for the bridge leading into the house - this is the shortest length shown here. The longest (40m) is just perfect to have your house divided from the rest of the world by a flowing stream or river.

It's just stunning. Inside is one large open room - the lighting/shadows are all part of the build without the need to have SL shadows enabled.

I talk a lot about scale and proportion in my reviews. The Orient Beach House is definitely on a grand vertical scale, as you can see in the pic below. I'm just a tiny speck next to the door...but because this is such a grand and glamorous space, it works, in my opinion.

The little details included are just right and give the house some character. I can imagine this space decked out in modern pieces, mixed with a little bit of glitz, and a little bit of organic. Can't you just picture a huge luxurious fur rug in front of that fireplace, surrounded with a mix of mid-century modern furniture?

Gorgeous ceiling details, too!

Now we move on to the Tokyo House. This house is so unique - I'm not even sure how to classify it. So I won't.

I love the textures in that second pic above - it's like someone came through with a few cans of paint and just had at it. Great touch. Inside is a large living area, with a second room a few steps up at the back of the main room. So light and airy - the billowy curtains are perfect!

There are so many great details in both rooms - the bookshelves (books included!) and the wall aquarium are awesome. I really love the wall clock, too - that's a really creative use of wall space.

I also love that the house comes with its own greenery - a few pieces around the bottom level, and then a precious little garden area up on a roof terrace. If you noticed those awesome exterior stairs in the first picture up above - this is where they lead:

The grass on the roof looks like shaggy green velvet. :) That's fun.

As with the Orient Beach House, the Tokyo is definitely built on a grand scale...but again, with a house this abstract and fantastical, it just kinda fits. Both houses are wonderful and must be seen in person to really appreciate -be sure to stop by [LeeZu!] Houses and take a walk around!

[LeeZu!] Houses [SLurl]

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