Another new house for you today -- btw, has anyone else noticed that SL is in a total housing boom? This blog is covered in prefabs lately!'s another cool one. :) Rayvn Hynes of MudHoney sent her latest house, the Hoxley. I get a mixed Grecian/Santa Fe vibe from the house - the architecture is southwest, and the exterior texture looks like Greek marble to me. I like it.

(SL wasn't cooperating with sculpts when I zoomed out for the first pic, so the second pic is mainly to show you that the shutters on the front window are truly nice shutters, and not trapezoidal blobs as seen in the big picture.)

The first floor holds 2 nice big room - lots of windows, and I like the dreamy curtains that are included. There's plenty of space to set up several different rooms downstairs, so you can have your living area, kitchen, dining, office, game room - if you get creative, you could make this work for anything.

Head back outside for the stairs, which are tucked around the back corner of the house. Upstairs is one large room, again with a ton of windows, plus a few doors that open onto the terraces that surround the upper floor. Great for a bright, open, airy bedroom and sitting room.

Speaking of terraces....really, they're everywhere! Great spots for lots of outdoor lounging.

Definitely worth a look - this would be great surrounded by mountains, or in the middle of a wild grassy field...and the neutral palette is just right for adding your own flair.

See the Hoxley at MudHoney! [SLurl]

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