It's time for part 2 of our October Spruce Up Your Space event! Our October theme is "Nostalgia" - our designers have been busy at work creating awesome stuff that represents nostalgia, or makes them feel nostalgic - it's completely up to their own interpretations, and we know they always come up with amazing ideas!

Our designers for weekend 2 are:

Ambiance Barcode Belle Belle Cheeky Pea [croire] Interior Addiction Julia Collection La'Licious Designs LISP Bazar MudHoney Second Spaces Trompe Loeil UrbaniZeD

Remember – everything released for SUYS is just $150L or less, but only for this weekend!

You can see pics of all the SUYS items over on our Flickr page, and you’ll find SLurls there for each shop, too, in the picture descriptions. Also, be sure to join the in-world Spruce Up Your Space group to get the SUYS notices, LMs, etc!

It officially starts at 9AM SLT this morning, October 30 – enjoy!


Second Spaces is pleased to bring you Grandma's Secretary Desk for this weekend's SUYS!

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time at my Grandma's house - she had this huge (when I was so little) secretary desk tucked into the corner of her dining room, and that's where ALL the old photos were kept. By 'kept', I mean 'thrown in a drawer'. That was my favorite place to hang out - sifting through all the same photos over and over and over. That was my inspiration for this set - an old rickety secretary desk, filled with dusty books that no one reads, and overflowing with old photos. ♥

Drag and drop your own pictures onto the photo prims - all the accessories you see are included! Right-click and sit on the photo albums on the floor, and pass the afternoon remembering!!

Available at Second Spaces [SLurl]