(my corniest post title ever. /bows)

Stacie Pryor sent me her latest release from [SPRY] - the little shadow. A simple sort of country-style home, the little shadow has really nice outside spaces and a nice, simple floor plan. I really like the exterior color scheme; the dusty blue and the chocolate brown look great together.

The screened back porch is great - a wonderful spot for a porch swing and cushy seating area, and I love the mesh screen texture that Stacie used.

The first floor gives you a large open living area, and a nice-sized room off to the side that would be great for kitchen, office, or even a guest room. I love the L-shaped stairs (always my favorite), and the neutral color scheme throughout the house is ideal for decorating since you can spice it up with pretty much any pops of color you'd like.

Upstairs is a nice large bedroom that opens on to the upper balcony. I have always been all ♥ for balconies - there's just something romantic about them, right? Maybe it's the whole Romeo & Juliet scenario, I don't know. Don't judge!

I love all the wood trim accents and wood floors throughout the house. A personal preference: I wish the house's foundation was deeper. The house is mod, so certainly I could adjust it myself...but I would prefer to have all pre-fabs with deep foundational prims that I can just sink into the ground and keep the house as elevated as I want it. It seems easier to terraform/landscape around the house when you don't have to make sure the ground is level with the foundation and that's its not poking through the floor. Just my preference!

Great job, as always, to Stacie - stop by [SPRY] to see it for yourself! [SLurl]

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