It's been quite a while since I've had the chance to feature Pre Fabulous Homes on Second Spaces - and what I have to show you today has totally been worth the wait. Fornicola Butuzova, one of the designers behind the brand, sent me their latest release, the Boonturabi. In her note to me, Forni elaborated a bit on the inspiration for this house:

This house started in my head as the story of a wealthy British statesman in the 30’s who is surrounded by a cast of vicious relatives who spend all day arguing over money none of them earned.  As a world traveler and explorer, he finds Boonturabi, a place that isn't on the map because at high tide, it isn't there, lol, covered by the tide.

He bails on it all, builds a modest tropical house, fills it with his great books, and music, and his favorite single malt scotch,  and in an almost Hemingway fashion decides to live out the rest of his days in a place where nothing matters but what the day brings you.

I love the picture that paints, and now I can totally see that British statesman lounging about this great house, without a care in the world.

When I rezzed this house, I do believe I stopped breathing for a second or two.

Now, clearly, this house is meant to be surrounded by water, which I couldn't accommodate for these please use your imaginations!

I love that the rocks and rock walls are included - they're a great touch. All the furniture you see is also included. Likewise, those gorgeous light/shadow textures are built in - no SL shadows here.  The house is made up of a large central living area, with 2 bedrooms branching off on either side. There's also a boat slip behind the master bedroom, and great walkways that border the main building and connect to the bedroom wings. For some reason, I have always loved houses that have rooms separated from the main building, where you have to walk outside. ♥

Some shots of the living area and the bedrooms:

The four-poster bed in the master bedroom is dreamy! Great textures on the bedding in both rooms.

I adore this hanging chair and the glass globes. Wonderful decorative touches!

I think I take pretty good pics...I hope so, anyway, or this blog is just a bunch of blots. :) But great pics or not, the Boonturabi is one of those houses that must be seen in person to truly be appreciated. You need to FEEL it. So, go do that.

Pre Fabulous Homes [SLurl]

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