Another cute little prefab from Modest House - Tegan Sideshow sent her latest to me, the Meadowlark. I like Modest House for small, simple homes - a great selection for folks who aren't looking to create a grand estate, but just want a cozy corner of their own.

The Meadowlark is really just one room down, one room up. I do like the entry foyer/hallway - great spot for some cute accessories and side pieces. There's also a back hallway that spans the length of the house - another great space for accessorizing. I really like the use of arches for the doorways - breaks up all the hard angles.

Upstairs is a single bedroom that opens up to the balcony. The landing at the top of the stairs is probably big enough for a small desk or a side chair - I love all the little potential-for-decorating nooks!

As mentioned in a post earlier this week, my preference would be to have a much deeper foundation on the house - makes it easier to work with unlevel ground, plus I just like my houses to have some height to them. Probably because then I need steps up to the porch...and I will always choose to have stairs anywhere I can put them. It's an addiction.

I do really like the textures that Tegan uses - they're not especially fancy or anything, but they're appropriate and well done, and they have a softness to them. Especially in the pic of the upper balcony and bedroom - the textures kind of remind me of illustrations from a children's book.♥

Be sure to stop by Modest House to check out the Meadowlark as well as the rest of Tegan's stuff!

Modest House [SLurl]

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