As previously announced, the second round of the Home Hotshot contest was this past Saturday! Once again, we were treated to some wonderful design work. Great job, everyone!!

The challenge for Round 2 was another easy one: Bedrooms. Each contestant randomly picked a number that decided which Inspiration Box they received. With that Inspiration Box, they had the items around which to build their room. In addition, each contestant received a box of textures (the same for each contestant), and their challenge was to use at least 3 of those textures in their designs. At the end of the event, each entry was judged on the following:

  • Use of Inspiration Items
  • Creativity
  • Color Scheme
  • Overall Aesthetic

Each of the judges was given a scoring sheet and independently scored each entry on those criteria. All the scores were then totaled and the top 3 scores gave us our finalists!

Many, many thanks to my esteemed judges for Round 2:

  • Colleen Desmoulins, The Loft
  • Saffia Widdershins, Prim Perfect/Designing Worlds
  • Pitsch Parx, UrbanizeD
  • Rayvn Hynes, MudHoney
  • Amaliscious Destiny, La’Licious Designs

Keep reading, after the cut, to see all the designs submitted in Round 2! The Final Round will take place on Saturday, December 4, at 2pm SLT. Our three finalists will be back to take on the final design challenge and win some awesome prizes!

The Second Spaces Home Hotshot Design Contest is sponsored by these awesome SL designers:

Ambiance • [ba] Barnesworth Anubis • Belle Belle • Insight Designs • La’Licious • LISP Bazaar • MudHoney • Prim Perfect/Designing Worlds • RC Cluster • [SPRY] • The Loft • UrbanizeD • {what next}

Each contestant received these textures from Insight Designs and were required to use at least 3 in their designs.

Contestant #1 – Samantha Hellmann (finalist) – Inspiration Box from {what next}

Contestant #2 – RubyStarlight Writer (finalist) – Inspiration Box from UrbanizeD

Contestant #3 – octagons Yazimoto – Inspiration Box from Ambiance

Contestant #4 – Chic Aeon – Inspiration Box from La'Licious

Contestant #5 – Amelie Knelstrom (finalist) – Inspiration Box from MudHoney

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