Happy Sunday. :) Just a few quick items today!

Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea sent me her Garden Hutch about a week or so ago - so cute! It's a great accessory piece for your garden or shed, and what's really cool about it is that you have options for what you want displayed!

That menu allows you to choose which decorative elements you want. Now, anything you choose will count against your prim count, but that's the beauty of it - you can choose! In the first picture below, I'm displaying all of the items...in the second, it's just the Soil & Plants for an up-close look.

You can even choose two versions of the background texture - one with object shadows (which only makes shadow-sense if you also have all the choices rezzed), and one without. I am all about the shadows, so I love that Isla included that!

In addition to being super cute, the Garden Hutch also has some really adorable animations built in! That makes it wonderful for hanging out with your friends! Here is a sample of just a few...

Check it out at Cheeky Pea! [SLurl]


I've been to Zacca a few times before - it's a small shop, but with very cute items for your house. Designer CROSS Jupiter also just recently released his Lodge prefab, and you totally have to go see it! Great lines and gorgeous textures - it's a little whimsical, a little lodgey, and a lot of cute!

I really like the little detail of a sculpted window sill. Inside is a nice open living area, complete with fireplace and built-in sofa, and then there are 2 rooms off the back on either side. The Lodge is available in three sizes - this is the courtyard, and there are also large and small sizes.

I love the ceiling beams!

Be sure to stop by Zacca to see the Lodge and everything else on offer! [SLurl]

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