Hi! Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie Furniture was kind enough to send me her newest adult beds. A nice, simple, modern bed available in three colors (for now), the bed is much more focused on interaction (wink, wink) than aesthetic. It is a great looking bed, though - nicely done textures and shadows - I'd like to see the size scaled down just a tad, but that's because I'm weird about that stuff. Regardless, this is a great addition for any modern bedroom!

These beds are packed with animations - so, so many! You've got single anims...friends anims...more-than-friends anims...etc. :) Here's just a sampling of the menus:

..and a few of my favorite animations:

There are all sorts of accessories to go along with the anims, as well - lots of them will rez automatically when you select the animation, and others have to be worn from your inventory, but they're all included in the bed and make for really fun details!

Check these out at Dutchie! [SLurl]

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