I got a nice little review folder from Pocket Gardens recently. I've checked them out before, a while back, and I've always appreciated their concept. Essentially, designers Carter Denja and Stormy Aluveaux provide easy instant-gardening pieces. Landscaping can be so much fun in SL, but it can also be quite tedious and complex. The cool thing about Pocket Gardens is that it's one object to rez and position, but it looks like so much more!

The pics above are just examples of some of the pieces from the Country Impressions series that I've worked into my own existing landscaping. I like being able to plop down that one object and get a nice rustic fence, some more grasses, possibly a bird or woodland creature - all very organically arranged.

To give you a better idea of what each object really is (and remember that each pic is just one object) I shot them on a white background so you can see ONLY the Pocket Gardens stuff. Again, pieces from the Country Impressions set:

..and a few from the Garden Edging set. This set is good for more defined garden spaces.

Being the picky gal that I am, I would love to see more 3d sculpted flowers in these sets, and less of the flat prim-textured flowers. I also recognize that that is much easier said than done. I'd love a bit more shading and definition to the rocks, as well. Overall, though, these are definitely worth a look to round out your landscaping - like I said, it's easy! Most of these objects are pretty low in prims, too, which makes it even better.

At Pocket Gardens [SLurl]

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