Saeya Nyanda has some new items out at Kyoot Home - yay! I got the blogger pack last week - some cute little shabby chic accessories! First, we have the Fall of Pan Ottoman - perfect name. :) The little legs are precious!

There are three different versions of the ottoman: Leather, Shabby, and Wool. Each version is also texture-changeable for lots of options. It's a nice little piece on its own for seating, or paired with your favorite chair, or even used as a side table. I do wish there was a floor shadow with it, because (you know) I am big on that. It's easy enough to add my own, though. The ottomans do come with quite a few seating anims, which is always fun -- here's a sampler:

Saeya has also released the Notes Chandelier, which I really like. Just a simple iron frame, but instead of a shade, you have a bunch of handwritten letters to diffuse the light. So cute!

And finally, the Teapot Candle sets. There are 3 to choose from, and each set includes a large teapot, a small teapot, and a saucer with a candle trio. I would like to have a surface shadow for these, as well, to give a bit more depth, and the flames are a bit disproportionate on the candle trios - just personal preferences for me. These are really cute for any room, though, and candles are always a nice accent.

All available at Kyoot Home! [SLurl]

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