I had a chance to catch up with Maxwell Graf of Rustica last week, which is always nice. :) He asked me to come by and pick out my own set of his new release, the Shaded Set. I chose the Tiger Maple finish, which is just one of, like, A MILLION (or fifteen) different wood options that are available. The entire Shaded Set is very traditional and craftsman-inspired, with clean lines. There are a ton of pieces in the set - you can cover the bedroom, living room, office, dining room, and even the foyer. What's really exciting is that this new line also comes with ...[dramatic music]...a HUD for upholstery texture changes! It's pretty cool.

Here are a few of the bedroom pieces, straight out of the box:

Pretty nice! But wait -- I attach my HUD:

...and ta da! A plethora of texture options is now available to me! The tab I'm showing above gives the actual textures; there's also a 'Colors' tab that gives you...wait for it...different color options. So, you can recolor your textures...or go with the plain textures and mix up the colors...lots and lots of possibilities! I played around with a few options:

Cute! I like being able to mix and match bedding, and you can do that sort of mixing/matching with all the upholstered pieces in the collection. I really think the HUD is an awesome way to go - you just click the item you want to change, it shows you that it's ready to be edited, and then you can click away with the HUD until you get the look you want. The bed is a little tricky, since there are multiple layers of bedding, but it's fun to play around with. I like the range of textures that Max has included, especially all the leathers. Being the picky texture gal that I am, though, some of the textures are a bit too photo-realistic for my taste, and/or don't quite work with some of the pieces at a 1x1 repeat. Still, there are so many options to choose from, I definitely found looks that I like!

A few of the living room pieces, too:

I LOVE a hall tree, so I'm super glad that Max included that in the collection! Like I said at the start of the post, this collection is VAST, so I definitely want you all to go check it out. The pieces are also complete with lots of fun animations - Max really packed a ton of great details in there! What's even more impressive is that all these pieces are super low prim! All 24 pieces in the set, all together, only total 73 prims. THAT is amazing.

See it all at Rustica! [SLurl]

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