Happy Sunday! I've got a few fun things for you today!

First, a new skybox from Molto Bene - Samantha Baker's Bedroom! This is so cute - i LOVE how designer Annunziata Macchi built this true to form to look like an attic space, with the stairs and the door...just like in the movie!!

(Oh, and if you couldn't tell what movie without checking the link, then you are no child of the 80s, my friend!!)

I'd like to see more shadow and depth to define the walls - it's a little hard to tell that the window seat is recessed and that those walls are angled. Otherwise, though, this is such a cute little space, perfect for fixing up a really girly getaway - and we all need one of those!

The Samantha  Baker's Bedroom skybox is part of Project Themeory this week, and is only 75L, so be sure to grab it quickly!

Molto Bene [SLurl]


I was contacted by Vikki Placebo recently, and she also sent over her latest release, the Foundry Table. She has a little shop set up in the North Yard sim of the Wastelands estate; her stock right now is pretty small, just a few items, but I like what I see! She's got great use of sculpts and really well-done texturing, which I always appreciate. Let me show you the Foundry Table first --

It's a simple table, but very well done. It's texture changeable, with a few more textures than I included in these pics, and they're all really good. I love the industrial feel of the table, and really really love that Vikki included the cross-support bars underneath. Those are the kinds of details that up the awesomeness. I could see this table as a dining table...a sideboard...a sofa table...it would look great in a city loft, for a little bit of grunge.

I checked out Vikki's in-world shop - again, there's not much to see, but I do like what's there. Like these grungy, battered street signs -- great texturing, and the sculpts are awesome for giving some real depth to the pieces, where the metal has been bent and battered.

Be sure to check out Vikki's stuff on Marketplace, too - you can find a few more items there, including her Utility Poles System, which looks really cool, and is perfect for sprawling cityscapes and landscapes.

I look forward to seeing more from Vikki!

Vikki Placebo [SLurl]

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