Veronica Kanya of .Tasty. sent over a couple of her newest prefabs recently. Here, I'll show you!

First is the Casa Verde Villa. I like the subtle southwestern feel to the house; it's got an adobe look to it, and I really like the little courtyard terrace.

It's a fairly simple layout - three average-sized rooms off the courtyard, and a larger room upstairs. It's got a very neutral palette, which makes decorating pretty easy, since you can really just add your own pops of color. I was happy to see that the vertical proportion of the house is very appropriate for the average-height avatar. You know I'm weird about that. The Case Verde has nice reasonable ceiling height and very workable floor space, too, so this house would be easy to furnish cozily. I'd love to see a bit more shading on the interior walls and floors, but the exposed vertical beams help do help to break up the wall expanse, which gives a bit more depth.

I do like the glass half-wall on the upper terrace. That's a nice little visual feature. The green tile floor isn't my favorite, but it works well with the house.

Overall, the Case Verde Villa is worth checking out if you're looking for a medium sized space - this could be really cute with a nice mix of shabby chic and southwestern decor.

Veronica also sent over the Hampton's Hut - this is a cute, simple little cottage space. I think it would be great as a garden cottage or a beach would also make a cute little shop. I dressed it up a little with the Garden Party Set from my shop, grass from Kidd Garden, and a gorgeous cherry tree from Heart Garden.

The Hampton's Hut is actually available as part of the Jersey Shore Gatcha Festival. It's just 50L for each try, and there are 4 colors you could receive.

Stop by Tasty to check these out! [SLurl]

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