**MAJOR UPDATE OMG** I just heard from Mattew, and he has placed the house for sale on Marketplace...BUT, get this -- it's available for $0L!!!

It's right here - this is an amazing chance to grab an awesome house!! Mattew says he isn't around SL too much anymore, so there's not likely to be any more building from him in the near future. Too bad! Please be sure to send your thanks to Mattew - via IM, notecard, or direct donation if you're inclined!


Ok, so last weekend, I got a review package from Mattew Lacombe. I wasn't familiar with Mattew's name or his shop, which is called Kean. I opened the package and read the note that was included, which essentially read as follows:

I made a house for myself and I decided to sell it. Its definitely nothing ground breaking or anything but if you wish to review it...you've got a copy of it.

Maybe you'll like it, maybe not, it's not really your style, I think, but it's worth a look.

Well. I'll be honest, that didn't get me very excited to check out Mattew's TUG House, but I dutifully rezzed it to see what we were dealing with. At that point, my jaw dropped. Like whoa. This is one of the coolest skyboxes I've seen in a while! The baked textures, shadows, and lighting are just perfect, and I just love the idea of it!! The TUG comes with three options: just your basic skybox...or the skybox with an "underground" road running past the front entrance...or the skybox with the road that's open at one end, like a tunnel entrance. I LOVE THIS.

Ths outside of the skybox is basically just a large black box, but it would be SO COOL to have the open-ended street version rezzed on the ground, and then to cover up the skybox part with a sculpted mountain of some sort, leaving just the tunnel entrance viewable from the ground. Then it would be like a secret lair, and I support that! Anyway :) the pics above show the tunnel entrance...then the opening to the entrance hall...and then that same hall as it looks when you're leaving the house...just because I love the lighting and shadows so much that I wanted to show them again.

Speaking of lairs - the interior is definitely kind of lair-like. :) I can see this being used as an office or headquarters of some sort, as well as a nice modern residence. It's basically 4 rooms laid out in an open-concept floor plan...with gorgeous textures everywhere!

I love the wood accents that Mattew included. Besides being awesomely textured, the wood inset panels give even more depth to the rooms. And I love the light features that are sprinkled throughout the whole build - it's like sunlight peeking in. Gorgeous!

It seems that this is Mattew's first creation, at least that he's putting up for sale, so I totally hope he finds inspiration for more! I would love to see more houses or furniture - or both!

**NOTE- I just went to check the LM that Mattew provided, and the house is no longer rezzed there for sale. I hope he hasn't changed his mind, because this skybox needs to be available to the public!!!! Comment if you agree!**

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