Ok, well, new-ish. Froukje Hoorenbeek sent me a folder of her latest releases from Dutchie about a week or so ago. She told me that she's especially proud of her new Antique Adult Bed IV - and she certainly should be! This is a gorgeous bed!

I love the draped canopy, and the soft neutral color palette is just lovely. Froukje did a great job on the textures of the bedding - just look at that lace!

The Adult Bed is also packed with all the amazing animations that Froukje has collected for her newest stuff. Great for quality alone time, or hanging out with friends, or - you know - what the kids call "gettin' busy". Stuff like that. Here are just a few of the milder menus -

There's also the coordinating Antique Bedroom Closet, as well as the Dropped Dress, which is an awesome decor accessory. I love things like this that help make a room look lived in!

Froukje also sent over the Antique Living Room. These are very nice traditional pieces if you're looking for something a bit more formal. The upholstered pieces are color-changeable, so you get lots of options.

There's also a chaise lounge available in this set, which always brings the glam. All of these pieces are a bit on the large side of the size scale, for my tastes. BUT they are mod, so it's easy enough to resize them if you're a size queen like me. ;) I love the extra detail of the glow under the candle - and that candle holder is quite elegant!

Stop by Dutchie to check these out! [SLurl]

*pics taken in the Soho Loft Skybox from NOTsoBAD

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