Ohhi there. :) A quick fun announcement:

I'd love to see you there! Read more about it over at Prim Perfect!

Now for something even more fun! I got a notecard a few weeks ago, advising me that I should check out L2 Studio...so I did. Designed by Lindini2 Lane, L2 offers a few nice prefabs, as well as some really cute accessories. I checked out the South Austin House, which is rezzed at the L2 location.

The South Austin House is mostly modern in style, but it has really great accents that give it a little shabby/rustic feel. I really love the window tower thing (I'm not really sure what to call that) - it adds great visual interest, both inside and out.

The house is a nice smaller size (you guys know how I love that), but still with plenty of functional room. I also really enjoy that Lindini2 designed this with sunken spaces at the back of the main room and for the bedroom. It's little touches like that that keep spaces lively.

Again, there's such a nice marriage of modern and rustic here, with the contemporary windows and wood accents. It blends so well with the little window niches that look like they're part of a marble wall. Great mix of textures.

There were also a few vendor boxes set out for other prefabs. I would love to see these other houses rezzed...but unless I totally missed it (which is very possible), there was no option to rez them at the shop location.

The Milkwood House looks really cute!

Be sure to stop by L2 Studio to see for yourself. I like what I've seen so far, and I look forward to seeing more soon!

L2 Studio [SLurl]

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