Ohhi! Trying to catch up on my reviews...time does slip by. A few weeks ago I was sent a copy of the latest from [Coeur], the Maison S.S. Momo house, from designer Bethany Heart.

This is a nice medium-sized house - sort of fancy cottage-y is how I would describe it. The front door opens on to a wide central hall - a great spot for decorative accents - with a nice living room on the left, and a room on the right that could be kitchen/dining, maybe an office. At the end of the hall is a cute bedroom and a nice-sized bathroom -- if you don't want a bathroom, the room is certainly big enough to be an office or even a small bedroom.

I do like the textures that Bethany has used - the mix of dark and light, and the wainscoting through most of the house. My preference would be to see more depth/shading in the textures to give better definition at the corners and where floor meets wall. I also like the columns used on the front porch - very stately. I noticed that the railing on the right side is sticking through the end column, but since the house is modify, that's easily fixed.

The Maison S.S. Momo house is dedicated to Bethany's friend Momo Leung, according to the notecard, and I assume the cute accents that come with the house are significant to that. The little model ship on the mantel is super cute, and the text on the bedroom wall is very sweet.

Stop by Coeur to see the Maison S.S. Momo [SLurl]

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