Another house for you today - this time it's the Lydia Cottage from MudHoney. Rayvn Hynes sent this over to me a few weeks ago, and from the outside it looks like a simple rustic cottage...

...but inside, it gets a little sleek and modern!

I like the mix of rustic and modern, and all the glass accents really open up the space and make it feel quite airy. The horizontal stripes in the back room are a nice visual surprise, too, and add to the modern feel. It's like the house kinda keeps you guessing, in a good way. As always, I'd love to see a bit more shading and depth in the textures, especially on the exterior...but the mix of textures also does a good job of bringing the depth to the walls.

I also enjoy the little entrance foyer - always a great space for some cute little decorating vignettes. I'm also glad that Rayvn used "real" dormer windows - meaning that they're open to the interior with the little window wells - it lends architectural and visual interest.

Check out the Lydia Cottage at MudHoney, right here: [SLurl]

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