I was very excited to see a new cottage from Stacie Pryor and [SPRY]!! Stacie sent me the let love grow cottage a few days ago, and omgsquee precious!!

Such a pretty blue, and just the size I like! It's completely open inside, perfect for creative room definition and a great blank palette for decorating. I like the arched roof when you first walk in; it gives the interior an airier feel.

I would have preferred a wood texture on the window panes, like you see on the window frames. Otherwise, the textures look nice and work well. The let love grow cottage also has the little details that I've always loved in [SPRY] houses. Cute little transom windows over the door, extra detail at the pitch of the roof, and I lovelovelove the bay window with open shutters and the little window seat!

The let love grow cottage is only available on Marketplace - right here!

Authorelle kirshner