If you haven't already seen the Pied-à-terre The Hague from Dutchie (since I'm so behind on blogging :( ) then feast your eyes!!! And if you have already seen it, then here - see it again!! I've really loved watching Froukje Hoorenbeek and Dutchie over the past year or so - she just gets better and better and better! The Hague is an amazing skybox in the style of an early-20th century brownstone apartment. It's done wonderfully well with great textures and lots of baked in shadows...Froukje also has furniture available that suits the space just perfectly!

Froukje has provided the rays of sunlight - which actually twinkle and sparkle!! - as a separate prim, so you can choose whether you want to use them or not. She's also given you the option to have the city skyline surrounding you, which I think is gorgeous so I included it for these pics, or you can turn that off and enjoy your own SL scenery.

The Hague and its coordinating furniture are full of great details - I love the little coat rack and the built-in bookshelves. What's even better is that Froukje has a set of accessories for the bookshelves, all linked together as one object and in the correct positions to fill up the shelves in one fell swoop - no need for arranging each piece on its own! I love that!

The iron balconies are just lovely, and the wood paneling, crown molding, and stained glass all just make my heart squee. ♥

Definitely stop by Dutchie to see the Pied-à-terre The Hague for yourself - it's worth a visit!! Dutchie [SLurl]

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