Hi! Something quick and fun today...my pal HeZkeZl Slade recently sent me a new creation of his - the Firefly machine! I love the look of little sparkly beings floating all around my place. ♥ Hez's emitter is super easy to use and gives you lots of options: you can choose the amount of fireflies, the frequency, the color, the range, and whether you want them around ALL the time, or only during nightfall. So cute!

Available at [HeZ] [SLurl]

I also got a fun little package from Ashwyn Slade, who just so happens to be Hez's wife and also happens to have a little shop of her own - [AsH]. She's made a little Lightning Station which does exactly what you might expect - makes lightning. :)

This is fun if you're looking for a little bit of spooky ambiance around your place. I like that the lightning takes different shapes and colors each time. There aren't any options for the user here, at least not that I could find...I would have liked to be able to control the frequency of the flashes, and maybe even the color. But it's a nice little tool to have for some basic lightning to shake things up - it would be great for Halloween!

See it at [AsH] [SLurl]

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