Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea has announced her newest project - The Nest - a "place where people can come as a one-stop shop for all their household needs in SL", planned for a grand opening this Friday, August 12.

If you're a home and garden designer and are interested in a satellite shop, then be sure to stop by now to check out the new digs! The sim is open for exploring while the shops are filled up - you'll find a really cute little town with a great main street in the middle of a sprawling stretch of super cute cottages and shacks, all available for rent.

Some basic info for those interested:


1-50 @ 5L per prim. 51-199 @ 4L per prim. 200 + @ 3L per prim.

Prim allocations:

Main Street stores:  100 prims Cottages:  100 prims Shacks:  50 prims

Contact sim manager Hallie Galli for questions or more information!

The Nest [SLurl]

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