I was very happy to hear from Charlotte Bartlett recently, letting me know that she's revived her shop - Scarlet Creative - on Marketplace! If you like modern and minimal, then you'll love Scarlet Creative! Charlotte dropped a review folder on me with several of her previous builds that have been refreshed, and I'll share a few with you today. What I really really want to share with you, though, are the AMAZING prices on these houses and furniture!! Check it:

  • Furnished Prefabs are 499L
  • Unfurnished Prefabs are 249L
  • Furniture - 99L for animated or rez on demand objects
  • 49L for basic furniture.

That is an awesome deal for any of Charlotte's stuff. Her houses are creative and well-built and great for those who want something glam, modern, and clean. I like that the houses show some baked shadows - that's critical for these big open spaces. Some of the furniture could use a bit more depth and shading to suit my taste, but it's all very in keeping with that streamlined minimal look.

The Beach Spa House

The St Paul de Vence

The Capri

I love all the water features throughout the houses!

Grab these great Scarlet Creative deals on Marketplace!

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