Amaliscious Destiny of La'Licious Designs recently released a very grand French-inspired estate house, Antoinette's Chateau. She was kind enough to send me a copy to check out, and so I did.

I think the chateau is very pretty, and Amaliscious did a great job on the exterior to make it really feel like a place you'd come across on the French countryside. I like the wrought iron balconies and the cute little shutters on the the front door and all the windows. Really, I like the windows themselves - they've got a nice rustic country feel.

This is quite a large house, so you definitely need a large prim allowance in order to fill it up and make it cozy. Downstairs are three large open rooms, as well as a pretty large stair foyer, which can be a great decorating opportunity. Upstairs, you have 4 more rooms - nice sizes for bedrooms, not too big and not too small. I do like that Amaliscious has the wood floors textured on the diagonal; that lends nice visual interest to the spaces. I would like to see more depth and shading inside - as I always do  - but I do like the different bright colors that are used in the bedrooms. I did have a problem walking up the stairs - the foyer ceiling seemed to be too low to allow me up past the stair landing, so I had to raise it in order to walk up. I also noticed a small - tiny, really - gap in the bedroom door small that most people would probably never see it (they call me "Eagle-eye Elle"), and it certainly doesn't detract from the overall aesthetic.

My absolute favorite part of the Antoinette's Chateau is the courtyard out back. Gorgeous! I don't know what I love the best about it -- that it's walled...or the rustic pergola and fireplace...or the fancy wooden door...but I love it. If I was a wine drinker, I would drink it here. ♥

Check out Antoinette's Chateau at La'Licious [SLurl] - and be sure to take a look at the mini-version, too!

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