GM Nikolaidis sent me his recently released couch and chair set from HomeKraft, called That Green Sofa Set. These are nice basic pieces, well-built and well-textured,  good as the foundation of your decor.

Both pieces are texture-changeable, with about 8-9 different options, and you can change the body, the pillows, and the legs all independently, which means lots and lots of possible combinations! I'm really digging the gold and orange textures, and the red pillows are cute and fun!

The scale of both pieces is on the large side, which is a pet peeve of mine. I like to be cozy in furniture, not sort of floating so much...or to have my feet dangling 4 inches from the floor. :) The pieces are mod, though, so you can adjust the size to suit you. GM also included quite a few nice animations, and in the couch they're mirrored from the left side to the right side. That means you and your pal can both hang out using any of the animations...but due to the scale, you just won't be sitting very close together. Sometimes that's better. ;)

I really like that GM got creative with his pillows - not only do they look great, but some are a tad whimsical, which I applaud. As mentioned, I love the red pillows above, and I have a few more favorites:

I really like the Newfoundland pillow. ♥

I've only shown you a few of the texture options here, so be sure to stop by HomeKraft to try them all out!

HomeKraft [SLurl]

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