I've told you guys about Stuff Store before, and I was very excited to hear from designer Crias Rowlands last week...and even more excited to see that he was sending me his first mesh release!! On the off chance that you don't know about SL mesh, here's a link to bring you up to speed. Mesh items can only  be viewed with certain viewers: the official SL 3.0 viewer, the Firestorm mesh beta viewer...and I think there's a Kirsten viewer for mesh, too. (You can find links for the viewers in the article I linked above.) There may be more that I'm not aware of - I'm sure a quick Google would find them, though. I downloaded the Firestorm mesh beta and once I updated my graphics drivers, it ran really well for me!

Anyway...enough about the viewers - let's talk about the mesh! Crias sent me copies of his mesh jukeboxes, and OHMYGOODNESS I could look at them forever!

RIGHT?!?! They are so gorgeously detailed and true to RL...and I absolutely squealed with delight when I realized that they also light up. It's the little things. :) Speaking of little things, you've got to see these up close to really comprehend HOW amazing they are.

So awesome. Crias even made sure the back of the jukebox was textured just so - I love his attention to detail!

Just gorgeous. Now, I'll admit that I totally do not understand how mesh works when it comes to polygons and wrapping and all that stuff...but what I DO understand is that this amazingly detailed and realistic jukebox is ONLY 8 PRIMS. I understand that completely. ♥

Load up your mesh viewer and head to The Stuff Store to check it out!

Stuff Store [SLurl]

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