I recently got a copy of the new Allison Bedroom from MudHoney. I'm beginning to suspect that designer Rayvn Hynes loves green as much as I do, and I support that. Anyway, what I really like about this set - other than the gorgeous pops of green - is that it's a modern color pallette with a more traditional design. It's a nice mix.

I also like that the bed is sort of low to the ground, which strikes me as very modern, but the shape is a very classic four poster. All the pieces have a simple elegance to them, and I really think this could work in a glam-modern setting as easily as it could in a shabby chic room.

Ray included some cute little details, as well. The marigold in the vase is fun - I like the larger scale of it. A smaller vase would be easy to miss in the room - this one pops out at you.

There's also a really cute dresser that comes in the Allison set, but the blogger package seemed to be missing all of that except for the drawers themselves. :) You can see it at the shop, though. Great green texture on that, too, AND the drawers open and close, which is always fun!

There are lots of great anims in the bed, too, for singles and couples. Some of my eternal favorites:

That's good cardio right there.

Check out the Allison Bedroom at MudHoney! [SLurl]

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