I had a chance to review some new skyboxes from Theodore DuCasse and Drusus DuCasse of Ambient Designs - I always love when Theodore sends me stuff :) - and these are gorgeous! They're part of a new range of prefabs just launched, called the "Atlas Collection", each of which features scenes from around the world.  You'll also find great texturing and amazing baked light and shadow which give these boxes a wonderful sense of depth. Let's take a look!

Central Park West

Oh, I always love an urban loft. The Central Park West has gorgeous soaring windows, with the lovely city scene outside. and lovely exposed pipes and ductwork to give it a great warehouse feel. There's plenty of room on the ground floor for creative decorating, and the bedroom platform is a nice cozy size.

The Central Park West is available furnished or unfurnished; this is the furnished version I'm showing you here. I love the old map on that table.

I'll also show you the Rue de Richelieu - this is such a romantic space! Very cozy and reminiscent of an attic space in some gorgeous old Paris brownstone.

I love the recessed windows...I just want to sit on a window sill and gaze out at the city while sipping coffee and reading poetry. Or something. Speaking of, the Rue de Richelieu's city scene is Paris by night. Tres romantique!

Seriously, look at the light and shadows on the ceiling! That's all in the texturing, there are no SL shadows here! Gorgeous!

Check these out at Ambient Designs! [SLurl]

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