I had the best intentions this past week of posting a round-up of all the cool Halloween-related decor items I could find around the grid...but clearly, that didn't happen. I do want to share with you, though, all the cool stuff that Vitrail Illios has available at New Trails. I have always loved everything Vitrail comes out with, and his Los Calaveras collection is gorgeous! So bright and colorful, and so much to choose from!

There are a ton of skulls available in so many colors, as well as trees and grasses, too. I also really like the roots that Vitrail has for these trees; the roots are a separate object, so they're optional...but who wouldn't want them?! They add so much character. The tree shadows are included separately, too, and if you have prim availability for them, I totally recommend using them. They give so much definition to the whole setting!

Speaking of prims: the regular trees you see - the ones without the hanging skulls, but with the lights and the moss - are only 3 prims, and the coordinating roots are only 1 prim. That's pretty awesome for so much detail!

There's still time to do some wickedly awesome decorating before the Day of the Dead gets here! Get over to New Trails now!! [SLurl]

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