I received a review folder a while back from Cyclic Gearz of Starstruck, which is a new store to me. It looks like Starstruck has a fairly small inventory right now, comprised of some cute well-made basics, definitely worth a look. Let's check out what Cyclic sent over:

I really enoy the Listless Oversize Armchairs in the first picture - great shape and elegant legs. I also like that all of these pieces are very classic in style, but paired with bold, bright colors. It's a nice mix. These are great for a pop of color in your room

Cyclic also sent over the Old Wood Shelf. This is a mesh item, so you need to be on a mesh-enabled viewer in order to see it properly. This is a nice accessory piece in any room - I always love things on which I can put stuff! Nice wood texture, as well.

As you can see, I played around with multiple copies - I like that you can create some abstract configurations by stacking/rotating these together. Would be a great option for an empty corner.

Get Starstruck! [SLurl]

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