I received the new house out from Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative - yay! Although I don't generally lean toward modern houses and furnishing, I've always enjoyed Charlotte's work, and am so glad to see her back in action! The newest is the Adler, a sleek one-bedroom house with a little bit of an organic touch.

*DISCLAIMER* For some unknown reason, the plants that are included with the house - at the entry and also in the living room - just will NOT rez for me. Ever. I contacted Charlotte about it, thinking maybe they were temp textures left by accident...she checked, confirmed all was right, and sent me a new copy just to be safe...but they still won't rez for me. I suspect it's MY problem, though, and not an issue with the house.

With that said, I do really like the little landscaping strip at the front of the house. I also like the pool that wraps around the house, and really love the cute little detail of the outdoor shower.

There's a great entrance hall when you step inside - prime decorating opportunities, I'd say.

This isn't a super large house, which I like - each room is pretty large, but I think all the details and textures keep the place from feeling cavernous. There's a nice large bedroom with a fireplace at the front of the house --

...and a nice large kitchen and dining area on the opposite side. The black accent wall is very striking in this space - love!

The living room is tucked into the back corner of the house, and I like that. Makes it feel more like an escape when you're not stepping through the front door and right into that living area. We've got the black accent wall here again, as well as a really cute built-in fish tank. I also love the bookshelves built around the fireplace - great for putting stuff on surfaces!

Charlotte has included some great shading and lighting in her textures, which gives this house great depth. That's critical when you're dealing with a color palette like this. The white walls can seem a bit stark, but nothing that can't be counteracted by some great pops of color in your decorating. And again, because Charlotte has included the black accent walls, as well as a few shots of fun wall paper, the white is never overpowering.

You can find the Adler on Marketplace or in-world - a furnished (shown here) or unfurnished version!

Scarlet Creative on Marketplace

Scarlet Creative in-world

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