In a spooky twist of fate, I recently received a review folder from Emery Milneaux of Commoner. I say spooky because I swear - SWEAR - that I was just checking out Emery's trees on Marketplace, like, 3 days before I got the folder, and had a tab open to that page so that I would remember to check out the shop. SPOOKY.

With that said, let's check Commoner out. It's a new shop to me, and I like what I see so far. Lots of silly, cute, irreverent decor items - you can never have too much of that! We'll start with the very trees that I had been checking out: the Tinsel Trees.

I'll be honest - these aren't quite as well textured as they appeared to be in the vendor pic on Marketplace. I'd like to see a bit more depth in the branches...even a low shine would help, I think, but the trees are no mod, so I couldn't add it. Still, if you're looking for something kitschy for your holiday decorating, these are cute and fun. Definitely worth checking out.

Emery has a few more holiday items available:

Something for all holiday sentiments. :) Be sure to read the napkin that comes with the cookies. 

I think these little snowglobes are precious and kooky. 

The Bare Tree globe is my favorite. I really like the one with the picture frame, too...however, I could never get my picture to show up. :( The script kept telling me that I was successful in adding the pic, but it never showed up. That very well could have just been SL being a tool, and nothing to do with the snowglobe itself.

Next, something that everyone should have in their kitchen:

All the essentials are covered.

And finally, something everyone should have in their bedroom, too. Nothing wrong with a little self-affirmation!

Check it all out at Commoner! [SLurl]

Be sure to check out the super cute coffee house next door, too - Common Grounds!

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