Flutter Memel of cluttered flowey. sent me a review folder recently -- I know Flutter's work, and I know it's cute, and I know I'mma show it to you right now. How's that?

I checked out the On A Winter's Night house; this is just a tiny little one-room build, great for a little hangout or studio or something. I like the weathered feel to it.

I also love that the house has an entry hall and a closet. I don't know why, but I really do just adore SL houses that include both of those things. I can't explain it.

Another cute touch is the deep insets/sills on the tall windows. Gives you a great little shelf for knick knacks...and I think we all know by now how I feel about surfaces on which to put things. ♥

Flutter also sent a couple packs of her chairs. These are the DIY Chairs (dark set) and the DIY Chairs (winter set).

These are simple items, but great basics for any shabby or rustic interior. You always need chairs, right? I like how Flutter has some of the slats on the seat a bit askew...that accentuates the rustic look. Nice wood textures, too. I wish the chairs had floor shadows, just because I am so particular about that for depth...but that's easy enough to add on my own.

Be sure to stop by cluttered flowey. to see what else Flutter has available. You'll find some more chairs, as well as some really cute skyboxes and a few furniture and decor items. Definitely worth a look!

cluttered flowey. [SLurl]

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