It is always a happy day when I receive a review folder from Crias Rowlands of The Stuff Store. I like stuff. He makes really cool stuff. I'd like to think that fate has brought us together.

Crias has these really awesome Loudfone 980 mesh headphones - gah, those are gorgeous textures. ♥ The band is texture-changeable, and so are the speakers, which means lots of cool color combo options. This is just a sampling:

These come in a deco version, just perfect for laying about, and also 2 wearable versions: for around your neck and for on your head. Love!

Crias has also released the Cal'Clo Clock in 2 colors. I can totally see this in a modern loft, or in a fancy studio of some sort. Great job with the shape and textures on this mesh item.

This is fun - the Pretty Girl Calendar! I love the vintage pin up art, because you can really never go wrong with pretty girls, right? The calendar is scripted (and also mesh), so you just click it and select the month you want to display. Easy! And classy!


See it all at The Stuff Store! [SLurl]

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