Emery Milneaux of [Commoner] sent me a package of his Valentine's releases to check out. That made me happy, because Emery makes silly and cool stuff. I may ask him to be my Valentine.

If you're looking for something more traditional, Commoner has some very pretty flowers and chocolates (mmmm)...

...AND, as you can see, there are less traditional items available, too. :) That's James in the glasses, the first plushie in a series of limited edition plushies. He's meant to be worn, but I just think he's so precious posed next to the voodoo doll. Ahh, the spirit of St. Valentine. That's the Voodoo Doll Frame on the right - you can slide your own pic into the frame, AND just click the doll for extra pins to stick in, if that's more to your purpose.

Emery also has wearable Conversation Hearts -- you know, the little candy hearts with the stamped messages -- I tried out just a few out of the approximately 845 available. Seriously, there are A LOT.

The hearts range from cute and sweet to naughty and nasty...something for everyone! ;)

Be sure to stop by Commoner to grab your Valentine's goodies! [SLurl]

Speaking of goodies...

Be sure to check out the Home & Garden Valentine's Hunt on Saturday! This is just a one day hunt, filled with home & garden prizes from all the shops listed above, so it's a great chance to grab some decorating bargains! The hunt is going to wrap up with a party, too - sounds like a great way to spend your SL Saturday!

Valentine's Hunt SLurl

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