I know you all remember my dear friend Leyla Firefly, owner of and designer for Belle Belle, right? I've blogged her on Second Spaces approximately 5481247 times, so you definitely should. WELL...she's been kinda quiet for a while, and suddenly resurfaced a few weeks ago with big news! No more Belle Belle!! What?!!? No worry, though -- Leyla has started a new venture, a precious little sim called Firefly.

You'l find more than just furniture here -- there's clothing and tattoos and eyelashes...and more that I'm sure I missed. There's also a party bus, and a gorgeous promenade stretching out over the water.

There's ALSO a mechanical bull. For which to ride. Aww yeah. The first thing I noticed, however, is that my pal Heidi is currently in the number one spot on the leader board. The SECOND thing I noticed is that I would win 500L if I beat her score. IT WAS SO ON.

I will not share my final score. I will tell you that I walked away with the same amount of $L that I started with, and we shall speak no more of this.

Let's talk about furniture. Leyla is still planning to release new items when she has the time and inspiration strikes...and that makes me happy. She does have the new Piri set available at Firefly - an adorable, shabby chic set with a color scheme that is totally 70s reminiscent for me. Love!

There's also a bathroom set available - I have always loved how Leyla does a whole house worth of furniture for each of her sets! ♥


Feeling regrets that you didn't pick up nearly as much Belle Belle furniture as you wanted, before it was gone? THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. Leyla just sent a note out this morning to announce that all the Belle Belle items are now on Marketplace AND that she's going to have a super deal every day!!! Today's deal is the entire Raffia Office set for ONLY $L250!!! Crazy!

Get that set on Marketplace, right here!

Check out Firefly [SLurl], and welcome back, Leyla! ♥

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