I recently received a review folder from Kristoffer Juneau of JJ Lanes with a bedroom that is a must-see for you lovers-of-traditional-style out there -- the Addison Bedroom.

It's very pretty and elegant. I'm not big on traditional furniture - I prefer funky and old and weathered - but I do think this is just a gorgeous bed.

Very nice textures and shapes, and great shading/shadows. I also really like the inset wood panels on the dresser and armoire.

Kristoffer has included some nice accessories with the set....

...I like the colors used, but I do wish the accessories had the same level of depth and shadow in the textures as the furniture does. They're a little flat, especially the candleholders.

Speaking of shadows (and you know I'm not using SL shadows for any of these pics), I think it's interesting what Kristoffer has done with the furniture shadows, making them more projected and true to the shape of each furniture piece. However --

...when you're a picky as I am about such things, it gets kinda tricky. In the pics above, you can see that the shadows for the chair and for the vanity table (which is a great piece) don't correspond directionally. Also, with the dresser, the floor shadow is projected...which looks cool...but doesn't make a lot of sense when the dresser is placed against a wall...which  most dressers are. These aren't showstoppers, by any means, but for my preferences, I'd rather have more generic floor shadows, just to ground the piece and give some depth.

You guys know my 2nd biggest pet peeve, right? Proportion. These furniture pieces are very well done....but goodness, they're kinda large.

I'm sort of swimming in the bed and the chaise. The vanity chair isn't too bad overall, but the back of it seems a bit too tall. Still, this is my hang up, and I think most folks don't mind so much when the pieces are on the large side. These aren't cringe-worthy as far as proportion goes...I'd just like to see them scaled back a bit...if *I* ruled the world. :)

Bottom line, though, I think this is a great set - well constructed and well textured. That big gorgeous bed is also packed with a ton of anims -- casual ones, naughty ones...poses for just you, poses for you and a pal...and some fun stuff with props and whatnot. Definitely worth checking out!

See the Addison Bedroom at JJ Lanes! [SLurl]

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