I am so happy.

Barnesworth Anubis of [ba] has revamped two of his older houses. SO MUCH LOVE. Now, in my opinion, these houses were still awesome in their original forms. They were both built in 2007, and I would totally recommend them to anyone today. However, I am all for new and improved, even on things that I think are great...so let's see!

First is the Lamin Longhouse, seriously one of my top 5 favorites houses ever from Barnes.

I love the openness of this house. It does have the option of blinds and doors to close it all up...but why would ya? I don't think there are too many structural changes in the Lamin's new version - the textures have been updated and the build is more efficient (just 56 prims for the house alone!) - but the layout is the same as the original. So pretty.

The Lamin can be purchased unfurnished OR with the furniture/accessories shown here. Speaking of -- I love these lamps:

Sigh. I just really love this house. With the furniture included, it's still only 220 prims. That's awesome. I think this house can really fit anywhere, but if you have a beachfront spot, you definitely need to check this out!

Secondly, we have my ABSOLUTE #1 favorite Barnes house ever -- the Tableau Hut. ♥

The original Tableau was the first house I ever bought in SL. When I bought my first piece of land in 2007 (where I still live today), I had already seen the Tableau and fallen in love with it, and immediately went to purchase my very own! It was my house until Oct 2009, and was also the very first house I ever blogged. :) Barnes has changed up the inside of the Tableau a bit - it's much bigger than the original, and has 4 separate rooms, where the original was mostly just one open space. It's actually quite surprising how large this is inside -- from outside, it looks like a tiny little hut. But no no. S P A C E.

Right?? I just love it all. The bedrooms are quite large, so plenty of room to add lots of personal touches. That bathroom is pretty sweet, too. I like the modern feel of the fixtures mixed with the organic qualities of the walls and floors. 

The Tableau is also available furnished or unfurnished. Alone, it's 86 prims, and with all the stuff, it's 300. So awesome.

See both of these houses at [ba]!! [SLurl]

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