It's time for another edition of Collabor88! was time for that last week, really, but it's STILL time now, too. Lots of great home & garden stuff for this month's Paris theme. Ooh la la!

First up is the Paris Penthouse Skybox from Barnesworth Anubis. This is a great little skybox, and kinda fancy, too.

I love the curved walls by the fireplace, and the trim! I love the trim!

As mentioned, this is a skybox, and it comes with a nice big surround to give you that Paris view through all the windows (and also without the surround, if you don't want the view). Oh, speaking of windows -- I love having so many! I'd love to see more shading in the wall textures to really bring out the curves and the details, but those windows and the fireplace are just lovely to me. A lovely and elegant space!

Paris Penthouse Skybox at Collabor88 [SLurl]

Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil is collaborating in Paris this month, too, with a megapack of all sorts of goodies, and a nice mix of art deco and modern in bold colors.

The Chesterfield Couch, Padded Armchair, and Composite Endtables are all available in each of the colors, which is great for mixing and matching OR a nice modern monochromatic look, if that's what ya like. What I like here is the Jewelry Armoire. It's good art deco fun...and honestly, the legs look sorta like giraffe legs, and I kinda love that. :)

Some of the pieces are a bit on the large side, at least proportionately to me:

...but they're really nice foundation pieces...and I really do enjoy the colors, especially that orange. Plus, I don't think you can ever go wrong that style of chair - timeless!

Check out the Trompe Loeil pieces at Collabor88! [SLurl]

I've got more to show you from this month's Collabor88, coming soon!

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