I have a confession: I have never watched a single episode of "Sex and The City". Not one. Therefore, I had no connection to the new prefab from Commoner, called Apt. C, which is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's apartment on the show (I think? Did I get that right?). Designer Emery Milneaux sent this over to me for review and, as it turns out, I LOVE THIS APARTMENT. LOVE.

If I wasn't so lazy, I could totally have decorated this place up right nice. Three nice big open rooms are just perfect -  not too big, not too small. The kitchen is so precious --

...and the bathroom tiles bring me joy. Seriously. It's the little things for me.

Emery did a really nice job with the shadows and the details throughout. I always love a good old-fashioned radiator, and that closet is yummy.

I would like to fill up that closet with piles of clothes and shoeboxes. 

This really is a great skybox, whether you watched the show or not :), so definitely scoot over to Commoner to check it out. Sex and a city not included.

Commoner [SLurl]

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