Hi!! A new collaboration will debut at Atelier Kreslo this Sunday, so here's a quick reminder to grab your Daydream Stools before it's too late! 

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I received a review folder recently from Caroline Tairov, the designer behind *Kukuvaya*, with her latest prefab, the Jessica. I'm always a fan of cute and simple little cottages, and I think Caroline did a nice job here.

If you're looking for just a simple little place, this is worth checking out. I appreciate the proportions - you know how I am about proportions - and this has rooms that are just the right size and ceilings that are just the right height.

There's plenty of room here for a really cute kitchen and dining room, plus a cozy living room and comfy bedroom. Cute colors used on the walls, and I love the weathered wainscoting used in the kitchen and dining areas. I would love to see a bit more shading in the wall textures though, especially at the corners, for some more depth and definition in the rooms.

I also like the little details of the built-in bookshelves and the beams in the doorway. It's those little things that enhance the cottage feel.

Check out the Jessica and Caroline's other prefabs at Kukuvaya! [SLurl]

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