Another great item from this month's Collabor88 -- the Songo Garden Set from Barnesworth Anubis! Look at this!!

So grand!! And, I would dare say - palatial. In a good way.

The proportion between the seating and the overall build, as well as the candelabras, is a little off, in my opinion. The seating seems to get a little lost in all the magnificence around it, but that's a very minor detail. This is still just a gorgeous spot for lounging about...possibly in a very expensive bikini and stiletto heels, like all glam Hollywood or whatnot. Can you see it?

The Songo Garden courtyard is available at Collabor88 for ONLY 188L right now - 188L!!! You can also get the furniture pack, separately, for just 188L. That's only until June 7, so make sure you stop by now!

Barnesworth Anubis at Collabor88 [SLurl]

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