Home Expo 2012 is here!

Fourteen sims -- approximately 85478415 designers (that's an estimate) -- and a great opportunity to raise lots of Lindens to benefit Relay For Life!! The Expo runs today through May 28, so make sure to get over there quick so you have plenty of time to explore everything!! I'll be sharing my favorites with you over the next week, so please do check back often. Right now, though, let me show ya what I made for Expo!!!

It's like an office to go. Introducing the Janie Office Nook:

The pink version is a RFL item, which means 100% of its sales go to Relay!

Wanna feel like you've traveled around the world, without ever leaving the comfort of your living room? Then the Travel Chairs are for you!!

The Cape Cod chair is also a RFL donation item!

And finally, somewhere to keep all the records of your generous Relay For Life donations -- the Grand Old Desk!

All of these new items are available only at Home Expo right now!!

Second Spaces at Home Expo [SLurl]