Hi! I've started making my way around the Home Expo sims. I showed ya my new stuff on Saturday, and now i'm here with my first round of other people's stuff that I wanna show ya. In the interest of time -- since there are FOURTEEN sims to cover -- I'm just gonna show you pics, give you a name and a SLurl, and move on! I'm only showing stuff that really caught my eye -- there's plenty more that I won't be showing, so you have to get over there to see it all for yourself!

Artilleri (Antonia Marat) [SLurl]

[ba] (Barnesworth Anubis) [SLurl]

MudHoney(Rayvn Hynes) [Slurl]

Maven Homes (Cain Maven) [SLurl]

Marmalade Jam (Katy Glendevon) [SLurl]

Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach) [SLurl]

I'll be back soon with more!

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