Have you been to Home Expo yet? HAVE YOU?? No pressure.

But hey, in addition to, you know, cool home & garden stuff, there is also a series of "Meet the Designers" sessions being held this week. I'm a little late in sharing this schedule with ya, but there are still plenty of opportunities to attend!

Have I told you how great you look today?? And oh BTW, if you wanna come hang out with me on Thursday at 4:30pm SLT...that'd be cool. :) We'll talk about stuff. ♥

If that isn't enough excitement for ya, then remember that this weekend is also the May Spruce Up Your Space event!!! It's a "Designer's Choice" theme this month, and our designers are hard at work coming up with awesome stuff for you. Yes, you! Check back here on Saturday morning for the list of participating shops!! (I mean, check back before then just, you know, because...but definitely check on Saturday for SUYS info. Kthx.)

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